“Even the best laid plans of mice and men go astray…”
adapted from Scottish poet Robert Burns poem “To A Mouse”

 Every business leader knows that implementation of business plans never proceeds exactly as planned.
Sales environments often are confronted with challenges. Market conditions change. Products suddenly become obsolete. Shortages occur. Some kind of disruption takes place that no one could have anticipated or foreseen.
By themselves “black swan” events generate chaos. Broken down further, they can impact significant processes in one’s business—specifically—how your key databases are affected. Some examples:
  • The onset of ICD-10 medical coding in the healthcare industry. Despite years of advance warning, many healthcare businesses have found themselves unprepared to comply with mandated coding changes that will have an enormous effect on billing, claims, insurance payments, and related administration.
  • Data breaches and the follow-up required to address huge customer database lists to determine who may be affected and how such records should be addressed.
  • Discovering, following the merger of two companies or the acquisition of a company, that neither company’s database can communicate with the other because they operate from totally different applications.
While you can never anticipate a database management “black swan,” you can ready yourself to be as prepared as possible to face them. When it comes to handling unexpected change, you can rely on our Foxtrot technology.
While Foxtrot cannot foresee “black swans,” Foxtrot’s rapid-response abilities have helped leading companies in the financial, healthcare, retailing, tourism, manufacturing, and other sectors smoothly navigate through disruptive influences on their database management.

Testimonial 1

"Amazing experience - by far the most intuitive and useful product in the market!"

Mathias Balslow, Senior Consultant, Finance IT Services

Testimonial 2

"I love this product. I have not had a moment of displeasure with Foxtrot."

Jessica Gravett, Client Services Manager/ Rytech, Inc

Testimonial 3

"There’s rarely a day where there is not some Foxtrot script running here."

Chris Gengo, Director of Operations Systems

Testimonial 4

"EnableSoft has been our partner through multiple acquisitions and have really become part of our conversion working team."

Liz McQuillan, PMP®, CRVPM, LSSBB | SVP, Director, Strategic Program Management Office