One of the unexpected benefits of using an automated data management technology like Foxtrot is the ability to perform web scraping to flesh out powerful information that helps you better understand “The Big Picture” or even divulge the details of a new or changing industry trend.

In its simplest form, web scraping is simply the process of mining for data on the Web. You have probably done this yourself by simply asking Goggle something and reviewing the findings.

That with said, there is a considerably more robust method of gathering valuable information. Foxtrot provides this advantageous web scraping capability by allowing you to sift through the Web at lightning-speed and zero in on specific information available in a variety of formats.

Foxtrot’s web scraping ability allows you to access specific information a single brick at a time, as opposed to creating an entire skyscraper and having to pore the entire structure for what is relevant to you.

For instance, you may want to gather information about weather patterns in North Carolina for the past decade. Foxtrot can be configured to seek out what those patterns are, how they have affected North Carolina, and what kinds of forecasts prognosticators see in the future, as well as other weather-related information like “active shorelines,” “hurricane probabilities,” “flood plains,” and how weather impacts different areas of North Carolina.

What makes web scraping with Foxtrot relevant to business is the depth of the information you can access, the speed at which the information is delivered, and ability to capture other information relevant to what you are seeking.

Web scraping, data mining, and information extraction can deliver vital information to you and has a profound impact on business planning.

Find out more how Foxtrot can expand your ability to gather information about your industry, including trends, patterns, and forecasts. Call us at 1-800-660-3556, and let us explain more about Foxtrot’s ability to dig deep to deliver strategic information for you. Try Foxtrot for yourself, and unpack the power of information by web scraping information right into your database.