Foxtrot’s database management automation technology delivers three chief benefits to any business that maintains a large database of customer information.

1. Foxtrot eliminates errors resulting from manual entry mistakes

When you automate your database management, you dodge the costs associated with errors resulting from simple typos that inevitably occur during manual entry. Mis-typed dates, a wrong zip code, an incorrect coding: all become very expensive errors. By automating your database management with efficient technology like Foxtrot, you put an end to careless manual entry blunders.

2. Foxtrot generates greater efficiency in how your knowledge workers use their time

Which of the following two choices do you prefer within your business operations?

☐ Using key administrative personnel to locate and correct keying errors.

☐ Allowing your administrative personnel to use their know-how to strengthen customer relationships.

Foxtrot frees up your knowledge workers to look at ways and means to deliver more to your customers and freeing them from the tedium (and mistakes) that inevitably accompany repetitive, mind-numbing manual entry activities.

3. Foxtrot can turn much of your business process workflow into predictable, repetitive sequences

Foxtrot automates by using predictable, repeatable series of actions that maintains consistency in how your database is managed. Foxtrot accomplishes this by employing a series of steps, called a script, to accomplish tasks. Instead of manually entering data, Foxtrot automates processes to get work done exactly as you have instructed Foxtrot to perform, providing error-free work and dramatically improving operational efficiency.

Fewer errors, better use of personnel, and greater efficiency: three great reasons Foxtrot should be working for you.