A popular business notion popularized in in the early 1970s is the 1-10-100 Rule.

The 1-10-100 Rule states that one dollar spent on prevention will save 10 dollars on correction and 100 dollars on failure costs.

1-10-100 rule

The principle is analogous to, “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.” As the illustration points out, spending a dollar to prevent or correct an error can pre-empt a mistake that cost considerably more when the total results of the error can become entrenched within your organization and cause serious implications.

How does the 1-10-100 Rule relate to database management? What kind of technology can you use to roadblock the disastrous effects of database errors?

If you apply the 1-10-100 Rule to database management, you can see just how fast the costs multiply:

1. Spend $1 to ensure accuracy of data at the point of entry.
2. Spend $10 to correct or clean up or correct data entry errors.
3. Spend $100 (or more) per record if nothing is done—including the costs.

Fortunately, there is a proven solution to pre-empting these results: putting Foxtrot Robotic Process Automation technology to work for you to ensure the smooth integration of databases with one another without manual data entry errors.

Leading healthcare organizations, financial institutions, retailers, manufacturers, and others who must maintain enormous databases to handle sizeable numbers of customer and inventory information rely on Foxtrot to maintain their databases accurately. It is their way of adhering to the 1-10-100 Rule.

If industry leaders are using Foxtrot to comply with the 1-10-100 Rule, it is likely worth considering as you plan ahead to meet your database management challenges.