Intelligent ERP Automation

Foxtrot robotic process automation software intelligently automates functionality inside of your enterprise resource planning (ERP) system. Trust Foxtrot ERP automation with most Oracle, SAP, and other platforms to automate even the most time-consuming tasks. Through simple drag-and-drop scripting, users can teach Foxtrot to automate many of the manual business processes that cost them time and money.

Since Foxtrot works through your ERP’s, CRM’s, and SCM’s presentation layer, complete business rules and audit trails are maintained to ensure security and traceability. Foxtrot can work with your ERP system to automate:

Report Generation
Automate inventory, pricing, A/P, and other reports and have them sent to you via e-mail on your schedule

Application Integration Software
Use Foxtrot to integrate disparate ERPs platforms, or your current ERP with your website, CRM, Human Resources platform, or other application.

FTP/SharePoint uploads
Foxtrot file transfer software functionality automatically pulls or uploads files to multiple FTP sites on-command or whenever a specific file is detected.

Have Foxtrot monitor current inventory, reorder parts, and notify you when stock is low

SKU updates
Perform mass updates to SKU numbers, append or merge data, and more, automatically

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