Marketing Automation for Business Profitability

Foxtrot provides business leaders, executives, and CEOs a data-driven outlook of their entire organization. Using Foxtrot within any customer relationship management system, payment system, or any other database which houses consumer information, Foxtrot can generate analytical predictive and performance reports which businesses can utilize in order to make knowledgeable, strategic business-related decisions, create customized programs and products, expand markets, and ultimately increase profits.

Data Analytics

Every organization houses Big Data, which is the life blood of their organization. Foxtrot oxygenates businesses’ Big Data by determining, analyzing, displaying, and reporting historical transactions and predictive behaviors. Foxtrot’s built-in logic can determine cross-product sales, consumer buying-power, and other business-specific marketing intelligence. Foxtrot provides the information that enables organizations to effectively segment customers and identify opportunities to determine best pricing and target new products.

Market Trends

Foxtrot’s ability to web scrape and data mine popular social media sites and other economic and government websites enables business leaders to stay ahead of the game in competitive, dynamic markets. Foxtrot easily integrates your marketing software with other customer and transactional applications in order to effortlessly send targeted messages to specific audiences. Even import new leads from external, third-party programs. Let Foxtrot increase your profitability by reaching a larger audience with focused marketing initiatives.

Automation for the Non-technical

Any tedious, manual data entry process your operations staff performs with a mouse and a keyboard can be automated by Foxtrot’s intelligent Robotic solution. The ease and robustness of Foxtrot empowers an marketing personal to modify and execute processes that optimize the business’s marketing efforts. Foxtrot is a one-stop shop for any organization wishing to align their marketing goals with their business goal of performance success.

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