Marketing Automation for Business Profitability

Foxtrot provides business leaders, executives, and CEOs a data-driven outlook of their entire organization. Using Foxtrot within any customer relationship management system, payment system, or any other database which houses consumer information, Foxtrot can generate analytical predictive and performance reports which businesses can utilize in order to make knowledgeable, strategic business-related decisions, create customized programs and products, expand markets, and ultimately increase profits.

Data Analytics

Analyze existing data from your marketing segments to identify common demographics and behaviors to develop more robust buyer profiles. Organize data from existing customers to reveal opportunities for cross- and up-selling, pricing adjustments, and your next innovation strategies.

Market Trends

Use Foxtrot to scrape consumer websites, government websites, and social media platforms to gain competitive intelligence into your market. Maximize the use of public information to integrate this data into your marketing software and other transactional applications to develop a unified, personalized experience for your prospects and customers.

Automation for the Non-technical

Any tedious, manual data entry process your operations staff performs with a mouse and a keyboard can be automated with Foxtrot. Automatically segment and prepare your contact lists for use in marketing automation, assemble performance reports in the background while you work, and take care of any other repetitive work with ease.

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