Automate Insurance Processes

Payers are always looking out for their customers. Now Foxtrot RPA software is here to look out for you. Automate claims processing, panel updates, Medicare/ Medicaid changes and much more to reduce administrative costs with Foxtrot.

Foxtrot helps you comply with Administrative Loss and Medical Loss Ratios by significantly reducing costs associated with manual labor and processes.

Foxtrot Case Study

See how Care1st Health Plan Arizona increased claim approval by 566% with Foxtrot

‘Normally, it would take us an hour or more to process 1,000 records with a macro. Foxtrot does it in a few minutes with no babysitting.’ -Ivy Boyer, Manager of Business Application Systems, Care1st Health Plan Arizona

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Using Foxtrot for Insurance Processes

Modifying in-process claims
Foxtrot web scraping software automatically references in-process claims and adjusts fees. Foxtrot can even alert members automatically via e-mail in the event of a change, and issue credits to their accounts.

Automate claims processing / adjudication
Improve first-pass rates by adjudicating claims automatically with Foxtrot. This automated employee performs the same manual processes as your current claims adjudicators automatically and with total accuracy.

Provider panel updates
Update provider information, add new plans, and add providers to existing plans automatically in any core system.

NDC changes
Foxtrot data automation tools handles drug updates automatically, along with code changes, interactions, coverages, and more.

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