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Human Resources, accountants, law firms, distributors, retailers, and leaders from numerous other industries trust Foxtrot with their repetitive data entry and maintenance tasks. Whether your organization works in Windows-based, web, or terminal emulator applications, Foxtrot Robotic Process Automation technology can help you be more productive by automating your manual data processes that consume your time and energy. Smart executives and stakeholders even use Foxtrot to generate analytical reports for risk mitigation and predictive marketing, enabling them to make intelligent business decisions that boost profit.

Human Resources
Foxtrot automates many back-office and employee-related data processes through Human Resources Management systems and online onboarding systems. Foxtrot will automatically update employee information, benefit selection, and perform payroll processing. Human resources’ staff will be able to spend their time interacting and assisting their human employees when their “Automated Employee” is performing their employee and management data operations for them.

Foxtrot Case Study

First Mid-Illinois Bank & Trust

was plagued with multiple unstructured data processes.

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With Foxtrot’s web scraping capabilities, you can search for and develop into various markets and populations. Foxtrot will search the web and find you clients depending on the rules and restrictions you set. Remain in compliance with government regulations and let Foxtrot seek out those you can help. Increase profits and realize an ROI immediately.

Any industry
Put an automated employee to work for you today and you will have added extra hands without adding an extra person to your payroll. With Foxtrot, organizations:

Save time
Offload time-consuming tasks to your automated employee. Increase your productivity and efficiency and focus on more important business initiatives.

Save money
Automated employees work at a fraction of the cost and can do an infinite number of data-related processes.

Are more productive
Foxtrot automated employees are quick and accurate, completing tasks much faster than human.

Improve data quality
Automated employees work with 100% accuracy, always. Eliminate human errors.

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