Automate Banking Processes

Foxtrot works with all core processing systems to automate mass banking processes eliminating the need for manual data entry and re-entry. Third party applications are seamlessly integrated with Foxtrot automatically merging and populating data from one system to the other, performing processes such as card issuance and reissuance, interest rate changes, and fee assessment.

Automate Conversions and Acquisitions

Foxtrot automates acquisition and conversion workload by seamlessly merging data from one core banking system to another. Foxtrot works will all core vendors. Reduce your conversion time to mere hours or days instead of weeks and months, and maintain your data integrity.

LOS to Core Banking System

Do your loan operations staff key data in your Loan Origination System (LOS) only to have another employee re-enter the same data into the core banking system, risking keying errors and wasting employee time? Foxtrot offers file transfer software functionality to capture LOS data needed and automatically populate it into the core banking system, eliminating errors. Foxtrot can automate the updating of rate changes, setting up loans, and even funding.

Integrate Platforms with Ease

Foxtrot offers data extraction software functionality to integrate multiple, disparate applications and data systems. Foxtrot is able to work in various ancillary products layered on top of one another to pull and populate data. Today’s banks operate in a complex IT infrastructure with many applications serving various purposes, such a mobile banking applications, web- and Windows-based applications, and even Excel spreadsheets and PDFs to automate the very process each performs.

Foxtrot Case Study

First Mid-Illinois Bank & Trust Biller

generates $10,000 in new revenue from fee assessment.

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Automate Fee Assessment

Foxtrot automates the locating, opening, assessing, and notifying of fees to active or inactive DDAs and savings accounts. Because Foxtrot works within the presentation layer of existing applications, security an business rules are maintained. Dormant fees, overdraft fees, and any other product-based fee can be automatically assessed. Realize new found revenue and boost your profits with fee assessment automation.

Automate Everything

Any tedious, manual data entry process your operations staff performs with a mouse and a keyboard can be automated by Foxtrot’s robotic process automation solution. Foxtrot can automate disaster recovery following a data breach, officer code changes, government compliance, customer notifications, memo posts, GL deposits, updating product inventory, and the opening and closing of accounts. See our Foxtrot Use Cases webpage to review the multitude of uses for Foxtrot.

Conversions and Acquisitions

Merge data from one banking system to any other. Reduce conversion time to hours or days.

LOS to Core Banking System

Reduce inefficiencies and eliminate errors by automating your LOS to core banking processes.

Fee Assessment

Automate locating, opening, assessing, and notifying of fees to active or inactive accounts.

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