Foxtrot Banking Solutions
Banks of all sizes and core systems employ Foxtrot to automate a host of data entry and maintenance processes.

Foxtrot Healthcare Solutions
Automated employees perform dictionary updates, ICD-10 conversions and more with total accuracy and complete security.

Foxtrot Insurance Solutions
Stop outsourcing. Foxtrot helps reduce administrative costs by automating claims processing, panel updates, Medicare/Medicaid changes and more.

Foxtrot Education Solutions
Medical Billing
Automate data entry, invoicing, collection e-mails to improve billing speed and accuracy.

Foxtrot Manufacturing Industry Solutions
Foxtrot robotic process automation software intelligently automates functionality inside of your enterprise resource planning (ERP) system.

Foxtrot Insurance Solutions
More Industries
Accounting and law firms, distributors, retailers, and leaders from many other industries trust Foxtrot.

“Both the quality and ROI far exceeded our highest expectations.”
– Ron Peri, CEO, Radixx International
“You’re going to have at least a 1-2% potential error rate on everything employees touch. Or you can set it up so that you have your data in one format, you have your scripting through Foxtrot… It’s very quick, it’s clean, and it’s simple. What this does for you is it eliminates errors and it saves money.”
– Paul Cook, EVP and CIO, Heritage Oaks Bank
“Normally, it would take us an hour to process 1,000 records with a macro. Foxtrot does it in a few minutes with no babysitting.”
– Ivy Boyer, Manager of Business Application Systems, Care1st Health Plan Arizona
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