What is Robotic Process Automation (RPA)?

Robotic Process Automation is the application of technology enabling humans to configure computerized robots to perform repetitive data processes, such as processing transactions, manipulating data, triggering responses, and integrate various disparate data systems. RPA allows employees to create various scripts—a series of instructions—directing the robot what to capture and interpret in existing applications. Robotic Process Automation is essentially the rebirth of the manufacturing industry such that “robots” are carrying prescribed data processing actions and can easily scale up or down based on demands. Robotic Process Automation reengineers business processes and workflows into robust, end-to-end, mass data-manipulation engines.

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What can Foxtrot do?

  • Integrate Data Systems


    Foxtrot works in the presentation layer of your existing applications to integrate various disparate data systems. Maintaining business rules, Foxtrot works with and in-between Web, Windows, Excel, and even PDF forms to capture data, interpret, adapt, and respond as directed by the user.

  • Automate Data Maintenance


    Foxtrot automates data maintenance with complete accuracy, eliminating human errors and time wasted to perform data validation. Maintain data integrity by using Foxtrot to automatically update customer information, create accounts, change officer codes, update SKUs and pricing, as well as extract data from Excel, Web, or internal databases to update existing applications.

  • Continuously Monitor Applications


    As an “Automated Employee,” Foxtrot can be continuously monitoring the usability and security of your existing applications and websites. On a continuous or scheduled interval, Foxtrot can perform log-ins, test functionality, navigate web pages, click links, and select options just like a customer would. Foxtrot tracks and monitors all tasks in order to test usability, log errors to an FTP site, and even capture screen shots that are automatically sent alerting IT staff of potential problems. Create the ultimate user-experience with enhanced fluidity and no downtime with Foxtrot monitoring your applications for you.

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Who employs Robotic Process Automation?

Our Foxtrot Robotic Process Automation technology is used to perform and expedite any routine, manual data process. Foxtrot can be used in any industry and in any department, freeing up human labor to provide additional capacity for more strategic work, creating more valuable work with less investment. There is no coding, no programming, and no macros required. Foxtrot, our Robotic Process Automation technology, is a solution for all knowledge workers and subject matter experts. Foxtrot is used in every industry including banking, healthcare, insurance, manufacturing, and even law!

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  • Banking


    Foxtrot software automates tedious, manual financial processes for bank Operations professionals.

  • insures


    Reduce overhead expense, and keep more of your premium dollars, by automationg routine business and IT process.

  • manufacturing1


    Intelligent ERP automation.

  • healthcare1


    Foxtrot automatically performs manual tasks inside of your EMR, so you can focus on patients, not data.

  • healthcare


    Foxtrot automates medical billing workflows. Your physicians get paid faster, while you rest easier.

  • more

    & MORE

    Foxtrot is scalable, customizable, and most importantly, reliable…for any industry.

Realize your ROI with RPA.

Robotic Process Automation technology reduces workload, saves time, and increases workflow efficiency. Businesses increase their productivity and robustness by effectively leveraging their human labor to make intelligent business decisions and empowered performance while letting Foxtrot perform the manual data processes in the background. Companies no longer have to hire more employees or outsource large projects when using Foxtrot. RPA has revolutionized business processes by creating higher production rates, improving accuracy and cycle time, and rejuvenating employees by removing their dull, manual labor. Discover new profits and do what you did not think was possible—today, with Foxtrot, your Automated Employee!

Watch EnableSoft Founder and CEO, Richard Milam present on the use, deployment, benefits, and immediate ROI discovered by customers using Foxtrot Robotic Process Automation technology, at the Automation Innovation Conference.

Featured Video

Meghan Kennedy, from Camden National, discusses how a 400-hour man-hour project was reduced to less than 24-hours using Foxtrot: “It was unbelievable to see that I could tell it what to do, and it would do it, and it would save it and do it again tomorrow.” Like many others who are discovering the power of Foxtrot and how it can help their business save time and money, Kennedy ponders, “How can this help provide a better customer experience with this kind of speed and efficiency at our fingertips?”

Discover the speed and efficiency of Foxtrot by watching the video.

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