Security Control and Data Integrity

With data breaches becoming more and more common, even the most stable enterprise businesses aren’t safe from hacking. To protect customer privacy and financial information, organizations need to be more consistent and diligent than ever at maintaining security compliance. Foxtrot automation software allows IT teams at even the largest companies easily stay on top of security updates.

Foxtrot Case Study

Bank Supports Target Corporation During Data Breach

“We try to reduce the customers’ inconvenience, mitigate the risk associated with the fraud, and minimize the amount of interchange income we’d lose… Foxtrot helped us do all that.”

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Using Foxtrot for Data Security

Mass-Update User Credentials
Comb your existing web properties and other applications to refresh user login information to issue updated, secure credentials that comply with your organization’s security policy. Notify your users of those updates simultaneously.

Securely Transfer Information Between Systems
Record employee and customer data from your legacy systems and import them to your new environment when updates to compliance regulations require a fundamental system changeover.

Check for Weak Points in Your Systems
Pressure test your highly trafficked website systems to proactively expose vulerabilities and ensure your security protocols are up-to-date to protect against DDoS attacks, bot infiltration, and more.

Security Within Foxtrot
From Foxtrot’s Admin Center, administrators can customize individual User control and access to different system permissions, like creating, modifying, or running scripts at your organization. Every action taken by Foxtrot users is logged for any required auditing or troubleshooting.

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