Security Control and Data Integrity

Foxtrot Admin Center and User Profile Creation
From Foxtrot’s Admin Center, Admin-level Users can customize individual User control and access. Utilizing the User profile functionality in the Foxtrot Admin Center, Foxtrot Admins have the ability to configure User profiles with different duties. For example, one User profile allows a Foxtrot user to create scripts, but not run scripts. Another User profile will allow Users to run scripts, but not create or modify scripts.

User Access and Permissions for Other Applications
Foxtrot does not establish or override User permissions within other applications. Foxtrot Users access other applications based upon permissions established by the application administrator. For example, if a User does not have access to maintenance functions within a specific application, the User will not have the ability to create or run a maintenance script.

Enhanced Security Monitoring
Foxtrot tracks and logs activities performed by the User within Foxtrot. Activity reports are archived in the Foxtrot Admin Center and can be utilized by the Information Security department to monitor and/or research User script activity.  Applications outside of Foxtrot continue to produce User activity reports based on parameters established by the application administrator.

Maintain Data Integrity
Because Foxtrot is a “robot,” actions are precisely executed as instructed. Foxtrot follows established workflows and business processes while maintaining data integrity throughout performed actions. Unlike humans, Foxtrot does not mistype, misinterpret, or fatigue when processing data; therefore, data is transcribed, merged, and migrated accurately and efficiently.

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