Automate Data Maintenance

Nearly 500 organizations use Foxtrot RPA software to automate data maintenance and countless other processes without coding. Train Foxtrot to automatically change customer information, SKUs, names and addresses, fees and pricing, and virtually any other type of data that requires regular updates.

Unlike macros, VB Scripts, or other solutions, Foxtrot never requires coding or programming. So anyone can train Foxtrot to automate data maintenance tasks in about 30 minutes.

Name and Address Changes in or Other CRM
Automatically update customer information in, Microsoft Dynamics, or other cloud-based CRM. Integrate Excel spreadsheets and have Foxtrot login and add contacts, create accounts, update phone numbers, and more, automatically.

Officer / Employee Code Changes
Use Foxtrot to automatically transition customer accounts and information to a new sales representative following job changes or departures.

Automate Password or Credential Updates
Have Foxtrot Professional Edition log in to each of your online accounts, change your passwords, then e-mail you a spreadsheet with your new password every month.

SKU or Pricing Changes
Train Foxtrot to integrate an external database like Microsoft Access and your ERP. Foxtrot automatically changes product SKUs, pricing, or product information in Windows or cloud-based ERP solutions without coding.

Data Formatting, Parsing, or Merging
Foxtrot integrates seamlessly with Excel or text files to parse and merge data from disparate sources automatically. Built-in Excel actions mean that formulas are a thing of the past; Foxtrot handles cell, column, and row formatting with just a mouse click.

automate data maintenance
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