Automate Healthcare Claims Processing

With increasing pressure on payers to reduce administrative costs and protect medical loss ratios, there is no better time to entrust your claims processes to an Automated Employee. Foxtrot automates claims processing, adjudicating and decision processing just like a person would. Foxtrot leverages your existing healthcare or PPC claims software to process the same claims that examiners currently review by hand, and at a fraction of the cost. Foxtrot Automated Employees:

Process and adjudicate claims faster and more accurately than employees
Automated Employees interpret and process or reprocess claims just like a person, but faster

Help improve first-pass rates and reduce reprocessing costs
Reduce instances of reprocessed claims, and cut administrative costs associated with rejected ones, with Foxtrot

Audit, log, and route errors to IT or other staff
Foxtrot works in the presentation layer, so business rules are maintained and audit trails remain intact