Intuitive. Easy. Web Data Extraction.

Foxtrot software makes it easy to harvest data from websites and online databases. More than a web scraping tool, Foxtrot is an intelligent web data extraction solution. Best of all, no programming, coding, or special technical knowledge is required to use Foxtrot. Just drag and drop.

Scrape Data From Websites Quickly and Easily

Foxtrot navigates entire websites with ease, scraping and extracting only the data you want. Foxtrot can even capture screenshots or copy images automatically. Just “teach” Foxtrot where to go and show it where to harvest information, then watch it work. Foxtrot’s intuitive interface ensures smooth web data extraction every time.

Export Web Data for Analysis

Foxtrot works with Excel, Access, and most cloud-based applications seamlessly. After you have scraped information from one website, have Foxtrot export it into another website or application of your choice. It’s never been easier to analyze competitors’ pricing information, stock prices, real estate data, and other web-based information.

Learn Foxtrot in No Time

If you can drag, drop, and click a mouse, you can learn to use Foxtrot. Our simple interface and Smart Scripting technology ensures fast scripting and a no-hassle user experience. Need more help? Our extensive training video library shows you everything you need to know!