Automate Data Entry with RPA Software

Stop spending hours manually entering data into spreadsheets, cloud-based CRMs, or ERP platforms. Foxtrot RPA software is used to automate data entry projects by organizations in 14 different industries.

Foxtrot works with most Windows and web-based applications, and enters data with total accuracy, to save you time and money. Why entrust trust your data entry projects to Foxtrot?

Improve Data Quality
Foxtrot automates data entry without errors. You can rest assured that the data entered into your CRM, human resources platform, accounting software, and other systems of record is absolutely accurate every time.

Expedite Data Entry Projects
Foxtrot works much faster than any human. Offload your most time-consuming and repetitive tasks to your “Automated Employee.” You’re free to build value serving customers or working on big projects.

Reduce Costs
Stop hiring or contracting with temp agencies for large data entry projects. Foxtrot does the same work as data entry software, in a fraction of the time, at a fraction of the cost. For more on what it really costs to hire a data entry worker, click here.

Rest Assured
Foxtrot works in the presentation layer (i.e. the user interface) of almost any application. Data is entered and buttons are clicked just as if you were doing it. Your applications see Foxtrot as just another user. So security rules and audit trails are maintained.

Take a Break
Foxtrot works with most web and Windows-based applications, and never takes time off. Have Foxtrot automate data entry projects and work around the clock. You’ll get more done with much less effort.