Application Monitoring

Hire Foxtrot as a synthetic user – an automated employee who navigates your applications and websites just like a human would.

Application Monitoring is simple and convenient. Foxtrot logs in, tests functionality, navigates web pages, clicks links, and makes real choices just like your next customer might. Errors can be logged and uploaded to an FTP site automatically, or captured in a screen shot and sent to you via email as they occur. With Foxtrot, organizations:

Proactively ensure website or application functionality
Foxtrot can be hired as a synthetic user to navigate your website on a constant or intermittent basis, just like a potential customer

Are notified of potential problems
Foxtrot can handle errors, capture screen shots, and alert your IT staff if a problem is discovered

Foxtrot can run and monitor constantly, or in intervals you choose, to ensure business continuity.

Foxtrot Case Study
New Bedford Corporation faced the daily task of tediously entering patient care data. Read how Foxtrot saves them $70,000 a year >