Application Integration

Most organizations rely on multiple, disparate platforms to perform the many business processes they need to get the job done. The applications are relied upon to work together seamlessly. But, time-consuming programming by experienced IT professionals is often required to make that happen. If it happens at all, that is.

Integrate Two or More Applications Seamlessly
Web, windows, and even green screen applications see Foxtrot robotic process automation software as just another human user. So all of the manual copying and pasting you used to do to make your applications work together can now be handed off to Foxtrot. Best of all, Foxtrot can be trained to work within and between the applications you wish to integrate with drag and drop simplicity. Now anyone can quickly integrate multiple applications and run them automatically.

Application Integration Software for Everything
Foxtrot software automatically integrates Excel, cloud-based applications, CRMs, ERP applications, e-mail, FTP folders, and much more. Foxtrot does all of this just like you would with error handling and login capabilities included.

ERP Automation and Integration
Move data within and between ERP platform and Excel, Microsoft Dynamics, or other disparate application.

Integrate Excel and Your CRM
Loading leads, contacts, and accounts from Excel into a CRM application can be exhausting. Use Foxtrot Professional Edition application integration software to format and scrape data from Excel. Then load it into or Microsoft Dynamics. Foxtrot handles logins and business logic seamlessly just like you would.

Integrate Legacy and Windows of Web Applications
Foxtrot Enterprise Edition is the only Foxtrot that works with legacy (green screen applications). Use your Automated Employee to integrate terminal emulator and third-party applications like your CRM, PeopleSoft, and more.