Foxtrot Data Solutions
Data Maintenance Software
Automate one-time or regular updates to a CRM, Core System, or other collection of existing data.

Foxtrot Data Maintenance
Data Entry Software
Eliminate time-consuming manual data entry by passing it off to your automated employee.

Foxtrot Application Integration Software
Application Integration Software
Automated Employees work between and integrate disparate apps like core and loan origination systems, mobile platforms, and more.

Foxtrot Application Monitoring Software
Application Monitoring Software
Hire Foxtrot to routinely navigate and test just like a prospective customer would, then report back to you with problems.

Foxtrot Claims Processing
Healthcare Claims Processing Software
Improve first-pass claims adjudication rates and reduce administrative costs.

Foxtrot Branch Automation
Bank Branch Automation Software
Handle responsibility code and interest rate changes, card insurance, account opening and closing and much more.

Foxtrot Web Scraping
Web Data Extraction Software
Harvest data from websites and online databases with ease.

Foxtrot Data Solutions
More Applications
Foxtrot handles anything you’re already doing with a mouse and keyboard. If you can imagine it, you can probably automate it with Foxtrot.

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