Our Robotic Process Automation solution, Foxtrot, has gained popularity and acceptance over the past decade, and the technology has evolved into three different variations for users.

Each Foxtrot variation offers the same basic functionality. However, each of the three variations contains features that are more adaptable for particular industries and situations.

Foxtrot Desktop is our basic Foxtrot technology offering. Our Desktop edition automates windows-based applications and replaces existing macros with a single intuitive, intelligent engine. Scripts can be written easily and quickly and can be scheduled to run at your convenience. Whether you need to automate Excel data, order processing, conduct invoicing, HR processes, and many more functions, Foxtrot does so with 100% accuracy, saving you a ton of time when not having to go back and fix your “human” errors.

Foxtrot Professional Edition is an ideal technology for integrating Windows and Web. Foxtrot Professional handles tasks in public (non-intranet) web environments, and Windows applications, without programming. It routinely tests every link on your website and reports the results back to you. You can put Foxtrot Professional to work formatting and uploading spreadsheets to your CRM, performing web data extraction, automating password changes, and a great deal more.

Foxtrot Enterprise Edition is ideal for banking, healthcare, and insurance providers that have multiple users, or organizations that have a need to automate tasks in terminal emulator (green screen) or intranet environments. Like its technology brethren, Foxtrot Enterprise automates tasks in Windows and web environments without coding or programming and 100% accurately.

Which version is right for you? That is entirely up to you, your needs, what you want to accomplish in your overall database management system.

If you are unsure or simply curious, give us a call (1-800-660-3556) and describe your needs to us. Based on what you are trying to accomplish, we can make a recommendation that best fits your and your needs and your organization’s workflow.

No matter which Foxtrot version you select, you are bringing aboard an automated employee who works 24/7, with lightning speed, and total accuracy.