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Our Newest Webinar Series: The RPA Files

Episode 1: Genesis
Join representatives, from EnableSoft, on a journey discussing the creation, advancement, and progress of Robotic Process Automation (RPA) beginning with the first in the newest Webinar series: The RPA Files. In Episode 1: Genesis, you will learn what RPA is, see examples of the many applications and programs that RPA integrates, and even see a demonstration of the EnableSoft RPA software technology, Foxtrot. To end, you will get up-close-and-personal with EnableSoft, as viewers’ questions are answered on-the-spot.
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Episode 2: Evolution
Join EnableSoft on a journey through the evolution and progression of Robotic Process Automation. What does it mean to operate at the “speed of business?” How have business applications progressed, and how has Foxtrot’s advanced technology continued to advance at the “speed of business?”
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Business Operations

Using Foxtrot to Standardize and Merge Duplicate Customer Information
Join representatives from EnableSoft and Rick Hebert and Associates as they share strategies for standardizing your customers’ names, addresses and other info. Then see how Foxtrot automatically merges duplicate customer accounts without help from custom programs or third-parties.
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Integrating Disparate Applications to Improve Service & Efficiency
See how Foxtrot helps organizations integrate disparate applications without coding or APIs to improve customer service and potentially save tens of thousands of dollars in overhead costs.
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Security & Data Breaches

Risky Business: Automating Post-Card Breach Workflows
Learn how Foxtrot RPA software helps reduce breach response time by 50% by automating card cancellation and reissuance, hot carding, spending limit adjustments, and most other aspects of your post-card breach workflow.
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The Next Big Breach: Automating a Fast Recovery from Card and Data Theft
Learn how Foxtrot automation technology expedites card cancellation and reissuance following a breach.
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Automating Back Office Deposit Operations
Watch this webinar and learn how Foxtrot robotic process automation software saves financial institutions time by automating account opening and closing, G/L entries, overdraft opt-in changes, and other manual deposit processes.
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Automating Data Conversions for Branch or Bank Acquisition
Learn how Foxtrot automates customer data conversion before and after branch acquisitions, bank mergers, and core migrations.
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Improving Credit Union Efficiency Through Automation
Credit unions have a responsibility to serve members and their community. Watch and learn how Foxtrot can help your credit union automate time-consuming processes so you can spend more time with members and less time with data.
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Improving Efficiency in Unclaimed Property Processes
Watch this 30-minute webinar to understand some common situations that generate unclaimed property, pitfalls associated with state reporting, and what happens when banks and credit unions fail to escheat properly.
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3 Ways to Get the Most From Your Core System
In this webinar, representatives from Standard Bank demonstrate how they use Foxtrot to automate a host of important processes. Learn how to save time with card cancellations, flex field changes, and name and address merges.
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Please note, references to, “Digital Employee,” are now termed, “Automated Employee,” but not reflected in our past webinars.

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