You may already be hearing the buzz about the newest Star Wars motion picture, The Force Awakens, debuting December 18. Count on hearing a resurgence of, “May the Force be with you.”

The good news is that for the business community, the Force is already with you…in the form of the powerful Foxtrot database management technology.

Like the Star Wars laser sabers, Foxtrot automates processes with lightning speed, total accuracy, graceful simplicity, and never-ending tenacity to maximize database productivity.

star wars force

Foxtrot works faster than the Millennium Falcon doing the Kessel Run. As a robot, Foxtrot can cut the time required to merge databases operating on different platforms by up to 95%. To illustrate, financial institutions that have merged or acquired other institutions have been able to merge their existing databases with that of their new partner in a fraction of the time that manual entry processes would have required.

Like the pinpoint accuracy of the high-powered weaponry in Star Wars, Foxtrot hits the target every time without a miss. Foxtrot is an automation processor, which removes manual entry from the equation. With precision, data is entered into Customer Relationship Management records, human resources platforms, accounting software, and other systems of record with absolute accuracy every time.

Finally, Foxtrot works with surprising ease. Non-technical personnel quickly learn how to use Foxtrot to create tailor-made solutions to unique database management challenges they face.

The Power of the Force is already here, in the form of Foxtrot, and it is already working hard to simplify and supercharge the database management needs of American business leaders.