With football season now in full swing, coaches who have a strong ground game rely on their quarterback to hand the ball off to their best running back.

Winning organizations in finance and healthcare that maintain a reliable, totally accurate database information program lean on a technology that possesses the best qualities of an All-American running back: lightning speed, agility, power, intelligence, and the ability to make the team stronger than the sum of its individual parts.

The technology these companies rely upon is Foxtrot. If Foxtrot wore a number and took handoffs, the technology would be a candidate for the Heisman.

Foxtrot combines database information from different operating platforms, like Windows and Green Screen legacy applications in the blink of an eye. The technology works with total accuracy and eliminates the tediousness – and errors, —associated with manual entry. The user, or player, has complete control of the processes that Foxtrot performs because they create the instructions—plays—that Foxtrot performs, so there are no “fumbles.”

Like an All-American running back, Foxtrot has plenty of fans. Leading banks, healthcare insurers, manufacturers, retailers, hotel and tourism administrators, and other businesses that depend on Foxtrot all offer the technology the highest acknowledgement they can award: their business.

If you want to enter the Red Zone and cross the goal line every time, the winning play, along with saving enormous amounts of time and money, is handoff your database management needs to Foxtrot, the automated employee that performs like a true All-American.