Anytime you spend money on your business, there is always the nagging question, “How is this going to contribute to our return on investment?”

Our potential customers frequently pose this question to us. To find out, we polled our current customers to find out. See the graph displaying what they said.

More than half—54%—said that Foxtrot paid for itself in less than three months. Almost nine out of ten customers told us that Foxtrot had fully paid for itself in less than one year. We think that is, indeed, value for monies paid.

ROI Graph
Realizing a fast ROI, however, is not the most significant benefit offered by Foxtrot. The most valuable measurements of Foxtrot’s value start with what Foxtrot provides in streamlining and automating database management.

Foxtrot delivers accuracy, eliminating manual entry time (and errors), increasing productivity, and encouraging empowerment through the more productive use of your knowledge workers’ time and creativity.

While those benefits are difficult to quantify in terms of ROI, our customers are fully aware of what those benefits deliver to their bottom line.