The Foxtrot Partner Program

A World-Class Channel Partner Program

  • Join the Foxtrot Partner Program
  • Commission Payments Net 30
    Partners paid 30 days after receipt of invoice payments
  • Deal Registration
    Receive 10% extra margin for all registered deals
  • Prequalified Leads
    Qualified leads by region, authorization, certification
  • Free Training
    No cost or barriers to entry, learn Foxtrot quickly
  • Sales Tools
    Competitive matrix, market info, collateral and more
  • Free NFR Access
    Use a Foxtrot license to demo & build scripts
  • Jump Start Margin
    Extra margin for registered deals within 90 days
  • Competitive Margins
    Unique recurring revenue model and quick payout
  • Reseller Locator
    Prospective buyers can find you quickly, by region
  • Online Webinars
    To help you sell and learn the product


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  • Anna Abramovs
    VP Partner Program