Happy Anniversary, EnableSoft!

The late 19th century and early 20th century engineering autobiographies aspired to reach out to their professional brethren across the nation and addressed the fraternity of their fellow engineers. In the period from EnableSoft’s birth, in 1995, to now, we have reached out to the nation’s knowledge workers and subject matter experts. Similar to how Disney has become a household name, our Foxtrot technology is now used in over 500 financial institutions and other organizations and is as well-known as the Disney name.

How did EnableSoft grow to become such an innovator of technology and inspiration to knowledge workers across the United States and beyond?

It all comes down to Richard Milam’s dream to empower organizations to better manage their data, improve their workflow, and increase their efficiency with his pioneering technology, Foxtrot.

After EnableSoft became an independently owned company, in May 1995, and as a new innovator in the Robotic Process Automation space, Richard set out on his airplane, “flying from business to business,” as he states, to show organizations how they could become empowered by employing Foxtrot, the “Automated Employee.”

It only took a quick demonstration of Foxtrot’s simplistic usability and robust capabilities to grasp the attention of every soon-to-be Foxtrot user and EnableSoft customer.

When EnableSoft began to grow in customer number, Richard knew he had to grow his employee number, as well, to support the expanding business, but, he knew the number of people was not as significant as the right people.

Richard began to create a team of employees who were intelligent, hard-working, diligent, goal-oriented, trust-worthy, and unified as a team working to accomplish his dream he had envisioned—to bring Robotic Process Automation technology to all knowledge workers and subject matter experts.

Richard’s leadership, entrepreneurship, guidance, and ambition inspired, and continues to inspire, his team to be successful and loyal to the company, the product, and customers.

With the adoption of new employees, EnableSoft grew too big for its Winter Park home and moved to downtown Orlando, the heart of Central Florida, in the thriving business district.

As EnableSoft has grown in the past 20 years in knowledge, modernization, origination, and population (customers and staff), so too has our Robotic Process Automation software, Foxtrot, grown and advanced in functionality and capabilities. In fact, our latest Foxtrot Version 11 even features Advanced Image Actions, Advanced Secure Encryption, and PDF form capabilities! As we develop our technology, we listen to our Foxtrot users and enhance the product in ways they desire and can utilize the most in their many data processes. Like our past engineers (technologists) working in mines and on railroads, we hear them as they yell from the trenches and we deliver what they need.

We even launched a Foxtrot Certification Program to train our Foxtrot users to create complex scripts, optimizing the use of our Foxtrot technology. Our new Foxtrot Certified Professionals have raved about the program, the knowledge they have gained of our product, and how their workflow has improved as a result of putting their newly acquired Foxtrot proficiencies into action.

Our 20th Anniversary celebration, in which Richard arranged a fun day, at SeaWorld-Orlando, was a memorable experience where he opened poignant gifts from his devoted team.

One touching poster he received displays the handwritten words EnableSoft employees use to describe Richard: Humble, Visionary, Devoted, Inspiring, Pioneering, Coach, Passion…and one word in particular, which describes Richard the best: faith.

Richard inspiring at SeaWorld Celebration

Faith is what Richard relied upon to create the company, faith is what Richard used to nurture the company, and faith is what Richard instills in each of his employees to promote and inspire the company’s continued growth today.

Richard's white board of words

EnableSoft has not only grown in wealth, knowledge, and intelligence, but also in steadfastness, commitment, and faith.

In just a year, EnableSoft has leaped from #4513 to #3834 on the Inc. 5000 list of the fastest-growing private companies in America.

Richard, a local celebrity, was even recently featured in the Orlando Business Journal, as being the owner of one of only three Orlando tech companies to make the Inc. 5000 list. What did Richard have to say about the secret behind EnableSoft’s fast growth (of 79 percent since the year 2014)? “An investment of 20 years of refining our technology, assembling a cohesive high-performing team, building a satisfied customer base while laser focusing on and understanding the markets we serve. Anyone can raise funding. The answer is in the preparation and execution of the plan.”

Richard’s Robotic Process Automation technology vision, plan, and execution are what created the success of the company that continues to this day.

Thanks for sharing in our opportunities and technology since our inception, and we are delighted to have you to remain with us into the future as we will continue to grow.