The onset of ICD-10 is only a couple of weeks away. Panic time is here for those who have avoided getting ready for what will be a sea of changes for medical practitioners.

If you are in the healthcare industry, you are well aware of ICD-10, but may not be as well-acclimated as you would like.

If you are engaged in some other industry, the simplest explanation of ICD-10 is the revision of the clinical cataloging systems for diseases used by the World Health Organization. It is the system that medical organizations use to “talk” with one another to pinpoint symptoms, afflictions, diseases, and related medical terminology.

If you are not ready, and have ignored the forewarnings, click here for a checklist that will help you get into motion to prepare for ICD-10.

Despite the list, we can offer some great news about the ICD-10 implementation.

Our Foxtrot technology, which automates database management, has been helping medical practitioners get ready for ICD-10 for nearly five years—including the numerous extensions that have been granted to allow the healthcare industry more time to get ready for the change.

We will not coat the sense of urgency necessary to be ready for the October 1 deadline. You must be ready. Period.

We can, however, lend a hand. Foxtrot can be instituted within your systems quickly and efficiently, but only if you act immediately.

Time to panic? Yes.

The time to act? Now.

Call us at 1-800-660-3556, and learn how Foxtrot can get you ready to meet the upcoming deadline for the institution of ICD-10. We are here to help.