Our Foxtrot technology is redefining business processes and what it means to be efficient and productive in businesses all over the nation. Robotic Process Automation software enables knowledge workers to put their intelligence to practical use and to perform higher-order thinking tasks, thus, increasing an organization’s profits.

When businesses are not fueled with automation software, their knowledge workers—those at the frontline of the organization—waste time performing menial, data-related tasks that are able to be automated. Why hire humans to perform robotic work? Why not use Robotic Process Automation to carry out the data system’s needs and empower your human employees to use their knowledge to create new, profitable products or services, or enhance the customer experience? Robotic Process Automation empowers knowledge workers to make intelligent decisions that apply directly to enhancing the business. What’s more, our automation technology, Foxtrot, is easy to learn and can be put to practical use after only a few hours of training. The “drag and drop” scripting enables knowledge workers to use the technology to automate many of their daily, routine data tasks.

Professors, Mary C. Lacity and Leslie Willcocks, showcase, What Knowledge Workers Stand to Gain from Automation in the following quote: “Knowledge workers consistently tell us they want to be liberated from such highly-structured, routine, and dreary tasks to focus on more interesting work. Some are actually getting that wish, thanks to a new approach known as Robotic Process Automation (RPA).”

With Foxtrot automating your employees’ tedious, manual labor, they can use their intelligence for improving the business instead of data processes.