One of the most attractive features of our Foxtrot technology is its ease of use.

Non-technical personnel quickly learn and use Foxtrot. After gaining experience and building confidence with the technology, they find themselves creating unique, customized solutions to address database management challenges they face on an everyday basis.

What if you want to advance your use of Foxtrot and optimize automation within your organization? Consider Foxtrot Academy, our education program for learning truly creative ways and methodologies to maximize Foxtrot’s ability to get the most out an automated database management system.

Foxtrot Academy offers three levels of certification, the most advanced being a Foxtrot Certified Expert, which includes proficiency in Foxtrot licensing, security, role management, and overall process improvement through automation.

Instruction is conducted in a virtual environment with EnableSoft’s Foxtrot Academy Instructors guiding candidates to becoming masters of their database automation domains.

The benefits?

  1. Your improved Foxtrot skills will make you an asset in your organization or to your client.
  2. Your organization or client will recognize that you are adding value to the investment they are making in you.
  3. You will set yourself—and your organization—apart as you pursue new business opportunities.

When any one of the three levels is attained, you become a Certified professional and will be listed in the Foxtrot Certified Members Registry, a point of difference that you will want to share with your organization, current clients…and potential future clients.

Visit the Foxtrot Certification Program webpage to find out more details, and save the dates for the next Certification courses.