The deadline for implementation of the recoding of the International Classification of Disease (tenth revision) or ICD-10 is less than three months away: October 1, 2015.

If your medical business is not ready for ICD-10, time is running out. We have a quick and ready solution available for you to beat the deadline: Foxtrot technology. There is still time to put Foxtrot to work, but you need to respond quickly, in order to have it up and running by October.

ICD, for non-medical types, is the system of coding created by the World Health Organization, that notes various medical records, including diseases, symptoms, abnormalities, and external causes of injuries. Because the ICD-10 coding is mandated by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) U.S. health care providers must use ICD-10 codes when they submit medical claims.

The impact of ICD-10 upon the medical industry amounts to an informational tsunami. Under ICD-10, the number of diagnostic codes will increase from 13,000 codes currently in use to more than 68,000 codes. The different arrangement of codes will require more documentation, revised forms, retraining of staff and physicians, and changes to software and other information technology. More details about the changeover to ICD-10 can be found at

So what can Foxtrot do? Simply put, Foxtrot can automate ICD-10 migrations, drug dictionary updates, and other functionalities inside of Electronic Medical Records (EMR), all with 100% accuracy. And Foxtrot does all this with total accuracy and at lightning speed.

So, put the angst of ICD-10 conversion behind you. Join the ranks of medical providers who are already compliance-ready for ICD-10 by relying on Foxtrot.