More is less with Robotic Process Automation (RPA). That is, the increased output and efficiency with RPA software tools, such as Foxtrot, mean less data management costs and headaches for operations managers and their companies. EnableSoft has raised the bar again on the operations front with FoxBot.

Run-time only licenses of Foxtrot RPA software, FoxBots enable organizations to deploy multiple employees and computers simultaneously to execute Foxtrot scripts for complete data entry, transfer and maintenance projects. We’ve all heard about safety in numbers; operations managers have even more security now that the high-speed, highly accurate, widely applicable and customizable RPA tool has even more wherewithal. Strike up the bandwidth with these bots!

With minimal training, staff members can activate Foxbots anywhere across company operations to automate a wide variety of manual processes. When businesses purchase FoxBots that can run Foxtrot scripts without having to purchase full additional Foxtrot licenses, they save even more.

Think of a group of employees sitting around a table with 10,000 records in need of processing. Each person represents a FoxBot license that is capable of entering a record. Now make them automated employees who can work around the clock! The more FoxBots a company or operations department has, the faster the records can be processed. There’s also more project output because FoxBots eliminates the bottleneck of operating with a single computer. If a critical error occurs, the operations team can focus on resolving the problem while the other FoxBots continue working.

When a user opens FoxBot, he or she sees the available scripts and is then prompted to join a specific project. Once a script has been chosen, FoxBot starts the project from the beginning or picks up where the last bot left off. It’s just that easy!

Foxtrot provides the capabilities to create RPA scripts, and then FoxBot enables the operations’ team members to run those scripts to quickly and efficiently execute data entry and maintenance projects, test applications and perform other tasks. It doesn’t take long to imagine the savings when you consider massive data projects, such as a company merger or a major security breach involving millions of credit cards.

Also, FoxBot works in tandem with core business systems. Robotic Process Automation software preserves the business logic, such as data formatting and input rules, and provides complete audit trails.

In years gone by, flexibility was not a term that readily came to the minds of operations managers and their data management personnel. In fact, large data-intensive projects were akin to moving mountains. FoxBot reduces the time needed to perform large tasks by deploying multiple computers or robots to a single project. Now thanks to FoxBot (and Foxtrot before it), there is a user-friendly, cost-efficient, centralized solution. More bots to deploy, more performance to enjoy!