The rumors are true: EnableSoft has rebranded, retooled, and relaunched (and just “launched”) a host of new products to help U.S. companies be more productive.

After almost two decades, it was time for a change. The Foxtrot Suite our customers use and love remains, but as Foxtrot Version 10, Enterprise Edition. This new Foxtrot comes packaged with Extender, Administrator, and much more, but has a stunning new look and powerful new features. We think customers will love it.

We’re especially proud to announce the launch of Foxtrot Desktop and Foxtrot Professional. The former was created for small to mid-sized organizations who need to automate tasks in Windows environments (think Excel, Access, etc.) only. Foxtrot Desktop is easy-to-use and learn, and will quickly replace most of the macros many organizations have floating around. The former (Professional) adds web automation capabilities, and is ideal for automating cloud-based CRMs like or accounting applications like QuickBooks online.

Each of our new products is available for purchase and download online now. Enterprise inquiries still go through our in-house team of representatives, so call us at 800-215-9397 for more on that. We look forward to serving you now and for the next 20 years and beyond.