In In contemporary business circles, it is acknowledged that Knowledge Workers—those folks who have to have to use their experience and judgment to make complex and important decisions—rank in the upper echelon of productivity.

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Unfortunately, Knowledge Workers are also primary candidates for burnout. They work hard and long, a pattern that can diminish effectiveness. Laurie Erdman, chief energy officer for The Ignite Well Being Institute, details how Knowledge Workers are often those most prone to burnout in her January 12, 2016 article published on Huffington Post.

Understanding that burnout may be an end result of Knowledge Workers enhanced productivity, how do you get more out of your Knowledge Workers? How do you avoid burning them out and diminishing their desire to succeed?

One way to accomplish greater productivity and lessen stress that leads to burnout is to rely on technologies and tools that do more without having to work as hard. Like Foxtrot Robotic Process Automation, which automates data management while eliminating manual entry and the time-consuming errors that accompany manual entry.

Foxtrot is a growing opportunity for Knowledge Workers to benefit from, allowing them to not only speed-up the organization of the business’s data, but to look at data analytically, enabling more insightful decisions.

One way that Foxtrot energizes Knowledge Workers is by relieving them of the tedium that characterizes and plagues manual entry.

Instead, Foxtrot automates work in Web and Windows applications, freeing up organizations’ “best and the brightest” in order to make sound decisions that increase profitability, as well as energize their contribution to the company.