Are you using modern-day, innovative technologies to get the most out of your database or are you still relying on error-prone, high maintenance manual entry that invariably leads to tedious, time-consuming data maintenance that gobble-up the productivity and energy of your employees?

Our Foxtrot business process automation software is helping leaders in the financial, healthcare, manufacturing, retailing, and hospitality industry increase staff productivity; here are some illustrations of Foxtrot’s use in diverse industries:

  • A Texas health maintenance organization called on Foxtrot to modernize their automated database system to accommodate the Affordable Care Act requirements. Thanks to Foxtrot, payout and claims processing actions that previously required 45 minutes took only five minutes.


  • In Wisconsin, a financial services provider using Foxtrot’s scripting ability has realized savings up to 95 percent for the man-hours necessary to process data centered on mortgage loans.


  • A north Georgia non-profit organization, faced with a near-impossible deadline to complete paperwork for a sizeable funding opportunity called on Foxtrot to manually move, copy, and paste a mountain of data. Foxtrot generated 120 records per minute, a rate six times faster than the 20 records per minute the temps could generate, all delivered with complete accuracy. Foxtrot eliminated the need to use more than 30 temporary workers, along with the time they would have required and the likelihood of errors they would could have possibly made using manual entry.

This is the kind of productivity Foxtrot offers—and this is the kind of productivity you can — and should be — getting from your staff.