Robotic process automation- employee

The Employee of the Year Award goes to [drum roll, please]…

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) software!

There were many worthy candidates — LeBron James or perhaps the entire Chicago Cubs roster; or Scott Kelly, the astronaut who spent 340 days in space— but none can do what RPA software can.

• Achieve 100% accuracy every time
• Works 24/7 — no coffee or lunch breaks needed – or even sleep
• Performs up to 400 different data automation tasks and counting

Financial institutions, healthcare organizations and any company needing to improve its efficiency are counting the ways Robotic Process Automation software, the “automated employee®,” makes their daily operations easier and their businesses better. RPA software can handle the most tedious jobs, which can free up data personnel to focus on more revenue generating and customer service activities. That’s right: any company can hire the Employee of the Year, no bidding war or signing bonus necessary.

Safety & Success in Numbers
Robotic Process Automation software increases productivity by acting as an application program interface (API) between systems that would not otherwise communicate. This streamlines processes and makes organizations in the banking and healthcare industries more efficient. Whether credit card breach repairs, loan onboarding or revenue cycle management, RPA software can get the job done.

If you think this is impressive, get a load of these:

• RPA software decreases costs by removing closed accounts
• Saves man hours by eliminating redundant processes
• Has generated operational savings of hundreds of thousands of dollars

Also, Robotic Process Automation software can be installed and run by anyone in an organization; no IT knowledge is necessary. It can be scheduled to run overnight with no downtime to update notes on accounts or to simply turn on security cameras. Whether it’s improving a single operations process, automating your organization’s BPI program or meeting a quarterly or year-end goal, Robotic Process Automation software can transform your organization to be more efficient and productive.
The award-winning “automated employee” makes your employees and business better. The winning results are, well, automatic. You can take the credit while the Employee of the Year — of every year — keeps automating and elevating your company’s operations.