The healthcare industry is one of the most prolific business categories that employ Foxtrot technology to manage enormous amounts of constantly changing data.

Here are two illustrations of how healthcare providers have utilized Foxtrot’s extraordinary abilities to overcome significant database management challenges:

The onset of the Affordable Care Act (Obama Care) meant that a Texas HMO was faced with the prospect of spending an enormous amount of time to manually enter and modify data in their core system for pay class set-up and establishment of new provider networks.

The HMO relied on Foxtrot to reduce the time required to accomplish both tasks from 45 minutes to just five minutes. Further, by enabling Foxtrot to automatically make changes, total accuracy was maintained, preventing time-consuming errors that would have been necessary to correct.

An Arizona health plan provider expanded their coverage base by more than 20,000 enrollees almost overnight. Detailed information, like eligibility information, fee schedules, primary care physician designations, and more, had to be added or verified for every new provider they covered to ensure future claims would be paid. The provider needed to import data into their core system quickly and accurately.

The health plan administrators were saddled with a system that was using inefficient macros that were costing an inordinate amount of time. Using Foxtrot to import the data, processes that required an hour or more to process a thousand records with a macro were reduced to a few minutes and error-free.

In our information-heavy businesses today, you are most likely facing similar database management challenges, consider Foxtrot when managing your database system.