In the period after the 1893 economic crisis and throughout the 1930s depression, engineers wrote autobiographies relating their lives, experiences, and emotions in order to revitalize the engineering profession and inspire others to follow their lead into an engineering profession. While today we use the word, “technology,” to describe these past engineers, the engineers’ literary progeny was a rhetorical strategy used to create a national identity for engineers and the engineering profession.

In light of EnableSoft’s 20th Anniversary, we would like to create a literary reference to our history and tell the story of how we began.

Our home-base is in the well-known Central Florida, and our origin and autobiography share many similarities with our neighbor, Walt Disney World and the theme park’s inventor, Walt Disney. Walt Disney World’s story begins, “It all started with a mouse…” Our story begins, “It all started with a man, a nine-track tape, and the vision of a Fox that performed automated data processes…”

Our originator, EnableSoft CEO, Richard Milam, created Foxtrot, the Robotic Process Automation software, before there was even a name for it.

Following the 1995 Resolution Trust Corporation (RTC) major sell-off of hundreds of Savings and Loans institutions, Richard found himself partnered with a former banker consulting with banks on how to perform their core system conversions quick and efficiently. Minimally armed with a macro tool that worked with Windows and green screen elements and the knowledge of core banking systems and data operations, Richard and his partner strived to eliminate the arduous, painful task of hours of manual entry their client banks were facing.

Using nine-track tape and portable tape drivers, Richard and his partner were able to create various applications encompassing the main deposit, loan, general ledger, and contact information data that would “cut” data from one screen and “paste” it into another, eliminating errors and the need for manual entry.

Facing eight conversion projects, Richard and his partner explained the process to management in its simplicity: the applications interacted with the core banking system like a human employee would simply key in the information using their keyboard and mouse to locate various fields.

Their methodology worked flawlessly for 35 bank conversions until their macros tool went unsupported.

In the confrontation of a major bank conversion, in Memphis, which used out-of-date code, Richard took an enlightened walk one night, on Beale Street, thinking, “There has to be a better way…”

That night, Foxtrot was born as Richard began documenting his vision of Robotic Process Automation in a notebook. Weeks later, Richard debuted Foxtrot to his partner, and due to the innovation’s success, Richard was able to embark on his own, rightly owning Foxtrot, he started EnableSoft, on May 16, 1995.

How has EnableSoft’s success and futuristic technology, Foxtrot, developed throughout its 20 years? Stay tuned for Happy Anniversary, EnableSoft Part 2!