About FUN

The Foxtrot User Network–or as we like to say–FUN, is the premier Foxtrot information resource and networking establishment. FUN consists of beginner and advanced Foxtrot users who all share the goal of collaboration and education surrounding the use and functionality of the EnableSoft’s Robotic Process Automation technology, Foxtrot. The FUN goal is to share and distribute information, questions, and answers and to create a knowledge network of Foxtrot users.

The groundbreaking members of the Foxtrot User Group are those EnableSoft customers who successfully completed the Foxtrot Certification Program and who are now honored to append the Foxtrot Certificated seal to their signature as Foxtrot Certified Professionals.

If you recognize these seals next to member names you will know they are one of the advanced Foxtrot users.

Among your EnableSoft committee members, they will be your key players to connect with for assistance or for sharing Foxtrot opportunities.

Among our regular webinars and Foxtrot support and resources available on our main EnableSoft website, we will host monthly best practices workshops, post topic discussions and answers on the Discussion Board, as well as host numerous other informational opportunities and events as an ongoing basis. Also, our Annual FUN Conference is the main event of the year, full of educational seminars, demonstrations, and networking opportunities. It is a whole lot of FUN!
We encourage you to participate by submitting a topic for discussion or performing a webinar demonstrating your use of Foxtrot. Click HERE to complete the participation form.

If you have any questions, comments, or just want to connect with us, email us at fun@enablesoft.com or call 800.780.6510.