Applies to:
Foxtrot RPA, Foxtrot Classic — all versions

Following the execution of a Click action, both Foxtrot and the target application become locked up. During this time, a message may be visible within the status area of Foxtrot, reading

The browser is not ready. Waiting x seconds.

Additionally, when attempting to click away from Foxtrot, a message may appear stating that the application is busy. This message will allow the user to switch to the busy program or retry communicating with the initial application (Foxtrot).

Typically, this behavior is seen after a Click action is executed with a web page or web application.

Turn off the option to Bypass the mouse for a faster click.

When scripting against a web page or web application, a user may send a bypass click for faster run time. A bypass click is a way of clicking an item on the screen without actually using the mouse, almost like an invisible click. EnableSoft recommends turning off the bypass option when a click results in a popup message.

In this scenario, Foxtrot is waiting on the browser to report that it is “ready”, while at the same time, the browser is waiting for a user (Foxtrot) to dismiss the popup message or window. This behavior results in the lock up between the two applications.

Last modified 11/19/2015