Foxtrot Quick Start Guide

It’s easy to get up-and-running quickly with Foxtrot RPA software. The Foxtrot Quick Start Guide provides a general overview of Foxtrot robotic process automation software functionality, capabilities, and basic scripting. For a more in-depth understanding of the software, and more advanced scripting techniques, check out our Foxtrot Training Guide.

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Quick Start Guide

In this Guide

Why and how Foxtrot robotic process automation software helps organizations just like yours save time and be more productive.

Getting Started
A quick tour of Foxtrot’s menus and toolbars, and the Run, Scripting, and View Centers.

Importing Data
How to import data and work with spreadsheets or other applications.

The Expression Builder
How to create tokens and variables to optimize your tasks.

Interacting with Excel and Legacy Applications
How to connect Foxtrot RPA software to spreadsheets and terminal emulators.

Much More
Contact information, tips and tricks, and more.

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