Applies to:
Foxtrot Administrator — all versions

As systems become outdated and repurposed, it may be desired to transfer Foxtrot Suite licenses to a new managing machine, server, or shared folder location. When using secure logins for example, such settings should be migrated in tandem with existing Foxtrot Suite licenses. The following provides instructions regarding how to properly migrate these administrative settings.

Please note that the previous managing machine, server, or shared folder must still accessible.

1. Navigate to the old License Path
2. Locate the following files:

  • FTGlobals.mbd
  • FTSystem.mdb
  • FTConfiguration.mdb

3. Navigate to the new License Path
4. Locate the same files from Step 2
5. For the files in the new License Path, rename the following files as follows:

  • FTGlobals.mdb > FTGlobals_OLD.mdb
  • FTSystem.mbd > FTSystem_OLD.mdb
  • FTConfiguration.mdb > FTConfiguration_OLD.mdb

6. Copy the files from the old License Path (Step 2) into the new License Path

On the Client Side:
Verify that the

  • License Path
  • Security Path
  • Global Defaults Path
  • Activity Log Path

are all pointed to the new license path.
Last Modified 10/23/2014