Applies to:
Foxtrot Suite — all versions

You may find yourself needing to move your existing Foxtrot Suite licenses from the current host to a new managing machine. Reasons for this may include:

  • Switching from a standalone to a concurrent license model (or vice versa)
  • The current license host is outdated or to be retired


Begin by Removing Licenses

    1. Begin by locating the Managing Machine. If you are unsure on the managing machine, follow these steps:
      • Open Foxtrot Administrator
      • Select the License tab
      • Locate the Machine Name
      • Hint: The full License Path is also visible at the very bottom of the screen

Foxtrot Administrator Licenses

    1. Select the Manage Licenses… button from the Licenses tab
    2. You will be asked to confirm your product key, click Next
    3. Choose the option to Remove Licenses

Add or Remove Licenses

    1. Locate the License Path (this is the same as the path labeled License Path under the Configure tab)

Remove License

    1. Choose the number of licenses to be removed
    2. Click Next

Number of Licenses to Remove

    1. You will be prompted to confirm your change. Click Yes to the confirmation

Confirm Remove

  1. Close the Deactivate License screen
  2. Close the Manage License screen
  3. Confirm the change on the License tab

Your licenses have now been removed from the current host machine, and are available to add to a new location. To add these licenses, please review the appropriate Foxtrot Deployment Guide, and choose the license model you wish to use.

Last Modified 04/20/2017