Applies to:
Foxtrot RPA, Foxtrot Classic, Foxtrot Legacy — all versions


When attempting to open Foxtrot, you receive the following error message:

License Error 7


Additionally, the Licenses tab in Foxtrot Administrator suggests you ensure that you have Read and Write permissions to the License Path.

Foxtrot Administrator - Read and Write Error


As suggested, Read, Write and Modify permissions must be configured for the user on the License Path. In fact, it is necessary to set the same permission level on the local Foxtrot Suite installation & configuration folders. The configuration folder will always be C:\ProgramData\Foxtrot Suite. Depending on your machine, the installation folder will be C:\Program Files\Foxtrot Suite for 32-bit machines or C:\Program Files (x86)\Foxtrot Suite. To begin, verify that the proper permissions are set on the Local setup path:

  • Navigate out to the correct path (above) and right click on the folder
  • Select Properties
  • Select the Security Tab
  • Set the users group permissions to read, write and modify

User Permissions


Next, set the permissions on the License Path, per the error message:

  • Navigate to the License Path
  • View the Properties of the folder
    • This can be accomplished by jumping up one folder, and right clicking on the License Path folder, and selecting Properties
  • Select the Sharing Tab
  • Click the Advanced Sharing button
    • You may need a network administrator to enter their credentials
  • Select the Permissions button
  • Assign the appropriate users both the Read and Change permission
  • Click Apply and OK

License Path Permissions 1License Path Permissions 2License Path Permissions 3

Last Modified 03/06/2015