Applies to:
Foxtrot Classic — all versions

When using Foxtrot’s Formula Action, a preview of the evaluation will appear at the bottom of the Formula Builder. This preview will display N/A in the results until the Formula is complete. If the formula is complete and the results still display “N/A”, there may be special characters, such as a carriage return or emoticon that Foxtrot cannot evaluate. Clues that confirm this issue are as follows:

    • When the Formula is complete, the Preview continues to display ‘N/A’ as a result
    • When clicking OK to create the Formula, the following message is displayed:
      Incomplete Formula


    • Clicking yes to clear this message will allow you to create the formula. However, when choosing the Field or Variable to save the formula to, a similar message is displayed:
      Error 1033


  • Finally, when attempting to execute the formula, an error will occur:
    Invalid Formula


Any special characters must be removed prior to evaluating the Formula. Begin by creating a Remove function on the original value you wish to evaluate. For this Formula –

  1. Set the original value you wish to evaluate to the OriginalString parameter
  2. Click More Options on the Formula
  3. Set the RemoveAllOther parameter to True. This will remove any character that is not numeric, alpha, or a space
  4. If your string requires any other special characters (=, -, \, etc…) specifiy as such in the Keep parameter. For example, when setting RemoveAllOther to ‘True’, Foxtrot will remove a %. To prevent this specific character from being removed, set the Keep parameter to ‘%’
  5. By then clicking the Hold button, you will be able to insert the contents of the Remove Formula to your original desired formula.


Last modified 05/15/2017