Applies to:
Foxtrot Classic, Foxtrot Legacy — all versions

When importing data into Foxtrot Classic or Foxtrot Legacy, the following error message is encountered:


Followed by


When importing data into Foxtrot, a database file (dbf) will be created. Foxtrot will then use this file as its data source. This file:

  • Is saved in the same location as the original data source
  • Is [by default] named using the first eight characters of the original data source
  • Will add three additional fields Foxtrot will use to manage records
  • Will keep track of which records have been marked as processed and which records are still pending

While attempting to create this dbf, Foxtrot is interrupted because the specifications do not follow the definitions of a dbf, which is the data source Foxtrot uses to map imported data. The most common reasons for receiving this message may be attributed to:

  • The length of a single column exceeds 254 characters
  • The sum of all field lengths exceeds 2,054 characters
  • The file size of the dbf exceeds 2GB


Modify your spreadsheet to adhere to the limitations of a dbf. In general, a dbf cannot exceed 2GB in size. Additionally, a single field cannot exceed 254 characters, and the sum of all field’s lengths may not exceed 3,960 characters.

For additional information on data import errors, please reference the limitations of a dbf

Last Modified 04/20/2017