Applies to:

Foxtrot RPA, Foxtrot Classic — all versions


Foxtrot uses Smart Technology to decipher different types of targets from one another – displaying only the actions that are relevant to a particular target. These actions present themselves when targeting:

  • Drop-down Lists or Combo boxes
  • Web Tables
  • Excel and Emulators
  • The Title Bar of an Application
  • A Virtualized application

Upon releasing your Selector Tool, the Action Builder will provide clues as to what actions are available:

Standard Windows or Web Controls – No Smart Technology Used

When targeting a standard control, such as your Windows Calculator, there will be no special actions available. The actions below are the most basic, as they do not utilize Foxtrot’s Smart Technology.


Drop-down Lists or Combo boxes

When targeting a Drop-down list, otherwise known as a Combo box, two additional actions will be available:

  • Search is available if you wish to search for a dynamic (or static) value within the list. This search will perform an exact match unless otherwise specified. Using match criteria, you can:
    • Ignore the item’s case
    • Search for the value anywhere within the item (for example, search for “Fox” in the word “Foxtrot”)
    • Ignore beginning and ending spaces of an item
    • Use wildcards (for example, searching “Your * Employee” instead of “Your Automated Employee”)
  • Select Item is available if you wish to choose a specific item within the list. Using this option, you can select:
    • The first item in the list
    • The last item in the list
    • The next item in the list
    • The previous item in the list
    • A specific item in the list


Web Tables

When targeting a web table, you will have access to a entirely different set of actions designed to better interact with a table. You will notice immediately, as you will see an additional image under the Target Preview. Clicking this image will allow you to select additional targeting options. To interact with a web table, begin by choosing the Table and then the Search Action.

Once a highlight has been established, targeting the highlight again will reveal even more actions:

  • Move Highlight to a new location
  • Clear Highlight to remove the yellow forecolor
  • Get Target Info to obtain information like the currently highlighted row, or the total number of columns within the table
  • Search to search for a value within the table


When interacting with a web table, you can Send, Copy & Evaluate data that may be in a different position at a later point. Please see the Introduction to Highlights or Highlights in a Web Environment video to learn more.


Excel and Emulators

Foxtrot can detect Excel and Emulator windows in the form of Connections. Once an action has been performed, this will create a connection between Foxtrot and the emulator or Excel workbook.



Once a connection has been established, you will have access to numerous actions that are only available within the respective environment. To learn more about some of the more common Actions, please refer to Chapters 13 & 15 of our Training Guide.


The Title Bar of an Application

Even targeting the title menu of an application provides additional Actions. Targeting the Windows Calculator for example, provides various Actions regarding the application itself.

  • Launch Application to have Foxtrot start the application
  • Menu Click – do things like Save As or File > Open
  • Close Window will close the application
  • Minimize Window minimizes the application
  • Move Window move to a specific location
  • Restore Window restore the application from a minimized state
  • Show Window bring the window or application to the front of all other applications


A Virtulized Application

Foxtrot can even identify applications that do not exist within the same desktop. This type of interaction is not supported by EnableSoft. If targeting an application in VMWare for example, the following message will be seen, and no Smart Technology will be available:


Clicking Yes will allow you to continue working with the target, however, all actions will be purely positional based. For best results, we recommend installing both Foxtrot and the desired application within the same environment.

Last Modified 05/02/2017