Applies to:
Foxtrot RPA, Foxtrot Classic — all versions

It is quite common to come across warning messages in Navigator. Usually, the goal is to simply check these messages and move on. Below is a summary of the task to be created to perform this job, as well as a description of each action.

Note that the Warning table must appear before the following routine can be created. The script below is written to handle all dynamic Warning checkboxes in the Warnings table.

1. Begin by creating a New Task, by clicking + and picking Task from the list.
2. Name the Task Warnings
3. In the Warnings Task, target the header of the Warning table, typically labeled “Warnings”.
4. Select the If action. Choose If the target and is found. The following steps should go between the If and End If created.
5. Target the first checkbox/warning and choose the Start Highlight action.
6. Create a Loop action, choosing Loop forever as the Loop type.
7. Target the highlighted checkbox and select the Click action.
8. Target the highlighted checkbox again, and change the target type from Highlighted Target to Table.
9. Select the If action. Choose the highlight and is in the last row.
10. Between the If and End If actions created from Step 9, insert an Exit Loop action.
11. Target the highlighted checkbox once more, and choose the Move Highlight action. This action should be positioned after the End If action created from Step 9.
12. Between the End Loop and End If action, target the Save button, choosing a Click action.
13. To reference this Task within the script, use the Run Task action, located in the Flow section of the Non-Interactive Actions list.

The final task will click all items in the Warning table, and should look like the following:

To reuse this Task in another Project, please reference Importing Items from Another Project

Have multiple Warning Message that could change on a record to record basis?

It is recommended to modify the Caption for Parent Tables. Please see Advanced Options to learn more.

Last Modified 05/02/2017