Applies to:
Foxtrot RPA, Foxtrot Classic — all versions

When performing a Send Data action, Foxtrot attempts to send a collection of repeating characters. For example, when attempting to send the word “Test”, Foxtrot instead sends the sequence “TTTTT…” This is due to the Keyboard Speed in which the Send Data action is executing.

When the Keyboard Speed is set to Auto, Foxtrot will verify the data being sent in real time; if there is an interruption while sending; Foxtrot will clear the field and attempt to send the data again. Some fields may have structures in which Foxtrot is unable to verify the data being sent; For example a SSN or Date field that auto-populates certain characters (-,/). In these cases, Auto speed should not be used.

Change the Keyboard Speed to something other than Auto. As the next best alternative, we recommend Slow or Very Slow
Last Modified 10/23/2014