Applies to:
Foxtrot RPA, Foxtrot Classic — all versions

After targeting an application in which is served remotely (via Citrix, VMWare, Microsoft Terminal Services), the following Warning message is received:

Remote Applicaiton Warning

This Warning is displayed when Foxtrot detects that the user has targeted a virtual application (i.e targeting Microsoft Excel running in VMWare).

While virtualized applications are not supported, clicking Yes will allow you to interact with the item targeted. Note that Foxtrot will be unable to display any Smart Technology for these targets, and the user will be restricted to the following actions:

  • Clicks
  • Send Data

Furthermore, these actions will be purely positional based; if the target moves, the action will fail.

EnableSoft recommends that both Foxtrot and the target application exist in the same environment, that is, that they are both installed on the same machine.
Last Modified 10/23/2014