Applies to:
Foxtrot RPA, Foxtrot Classic — all versions

The Send Data Action allows the user to send data to a target – in which the data is stored within the project. If the user does not want others to see the information, they have the option of encrypting the data using Foxtrot’s encryption algorithm.

When configuring the Send Data Action, the data typed into Foxtrot can be seen by anyone viewing or running the script. It also becomes visible in the script center and when you edit the action.

The Send Data Action is has the capability to hide any data that is sent to the target application so it is no longer visible to other users who need to run the script.

To hide the value, type the value in the Send field and check the box next to Hide Value:

The Send Data Action now shows that your sensitive data has been masked and encrypted and is no longer visible or searchable.

If a change is required, you can click the “X” on the end of the Send field to clear the value.

Last Modified 04/20/2017